For the 4th Biennale of Réseau des Maisons de l’Architecture, the studio was invited to curate the Pari exhibition at DOC! in Paris.

Curation / Exhibition

Playing on the codes and diverse interpretations of designers’ and architects’ commitments, the project was articulated around two spaces: the former swimming pool and the former refectory. In a scenography imagined by Peaks Architectes, the workshop introduced a co-presence of imported objects and objects/installations specially mounted for the occasion.


The Biennial

After Strasbourg, Marseille and Nantes, the Biennale of the Network of Architecture Houses will be held in November 2018 in Paris. This 4th edition intends to explore the great challenges of the 21st century and bear witness to a “new architecture” which bets on transversality, collaboration, awareness, residence, or even co-construction. During five days, curious people, amateurs, students, professionals, schoolchildren and families will be able to experience architectural culture in all its forms. Major exhibition, inaugural conference, round tables, Maisons de l'architecture forum, films, debates, restitutions of architect residencies, educational actions and workshops, architecture walks, performances and festive evenings: with IN and OFF throughout in the different partner locations, this programming displays hybridity to attract diverse audiences around an enhanced vision of architecture.

The Biennial
The Biennial
The Biennial

Daring to take up the challenge of regeneration is essential: let’s challenge architecture!


The "bet"

By placing its 2018 biennial under the banner of PARI, the Réseau des maisons de l'architecture is choosing to work on the margins of architecture and its transcriptions into related fields. Acts of research, devices, installations or immersive or illustrative environments: architecture declines and invites itself into other disciplines. Initiated by architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers and creative people from all walks of life, "new projects" reflect alternative thinking, different forms of mobilization, citizen action and facts.The PARI Biennial sees architectural projects as the crystallization of practices and know-how. It aims to exhibit, explain, show, federate and communicate these collaborative practices, and to raise awareness of this "new architecture" in which the act of building is not always the final objective.

Based on the confrontation of points of view between exhibited projects and contributors, the Biennial aims to cultivate experimentation, hybridization and even a certain transgression of architecture. With this in mind, the Réseau has entrusted architect, scenographer and publisher Christopher Dessus, founder and director of the magazine Pli, with the general curatorship of the PARI Biennial, while the architecture agency Peaks is in charge of the scenography and Studio Fables is developing a specific visual identity. Alongside the Réseau, the Bellastock collective is also involved in the event.

The “bet”
The “bet”

Every two years, the 32 Maisons de l’architecture network organizes a national event to extend and amplify their mobilization in all regions, and highlight the cross-disciplinary nature of architecture.


The network

After the success of the first three editions, at Strasbourg's Manufacture des Tabacs in 2012, Marseille's Friche la Belle de Mai in 2014 and Nantes' École d'architecture in 2016, and in view of the 25,000 visitors welcomed, the Biennale du Réseau des maisons de l'architecture is heading for the capital in 2018.

The network
  • Notes

    The PARI Biennial will take place from November 15 to 19, 2018 at four flagship venues - Maison de l’Architecture Île-de-France, École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Belleville, DOC and Espace Niemeyer - as well as numerous OFF venues. A reflective, creative, educational and festive urban stroll will invite visitors to discover these landmarks of Parisian architecture, as well as emerging cultural venues contributing to the renewal of artistic and cultural practices in northeastern Paris.

  • Program

    General and exhibition curators

  • Status
  • Client

    Réseau des Maisons de l’Architecture

  • Materials

    Reinforced breezeblocks and tarpaulins

  • Date


  • Team

    RMA, Anne-Sophie Kehr, Marion Betous, Studio Fables, Peaks Architectes, Pierre P. Marchal, AHA Paris

  • Location

    DOC !, Maison de l’architecture d’île de France, Espace Niemeyer, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville, Paris

  • Photos

    Luc Bertrand