About us

Driven by a passion for experimentation, architectural research and design, Paf is a set design and architectural studio based in Paris. Since it was founded in 2017, each and every project has been about finding the perfect balance between savoir-faire, thoughtfulness and creativity. These are values that founder Christopher Dessus is constantly exploring, in publications produced by Pli editions, which he also runs.

In order to make the most of a space whilst also giving it its own unique identity, Paf atelier encourages as much osmosis as possible between different creative fields. This multidisciplinary approach nurtures all sorts of different partnerships, in which design and implementation always go hand in hand. These temporary installations strive to tell a story that will last, both in people’s minds, and in innovative new ideas, helping to build a new scenographic landscape. This journey is fuelled by a vast array of concepts that encompass different regions, embrace accountability and nurture new talent.


of expertise

  • Stage area

  • Exhibition

  • Fashion show

  • Shop, window

  • Private event

  • Public space

  • Signage

  • Trade fair

  • Product design

  • Branding

  • Festival

  • Showroom, Pop-up

The studio’s


Driven by experimentation, research in architecture and design, the scenographic and architectural design studio based in Paris. Since its creation in 2017, each research is measured between know-how, reflection and creation. Concerns constantly questioned by the founder Christopher Dessus, through works published by Pli éditions which he also directs. In order to best model a space while ensuring a singular identity, Paf atelier initiates great porosity between the various creative fields. A multidisciplinary approach vectoring numerous collaborations, where design and production cannot be considered separately. Ephemeral, these installations wish to tell a lasting story, both in the minds and in the innovation of these forms, in order to participate in the construction of a new scenographic landscape. A story informed by different notions taking into account territories, a responsible approach and the integration of new talents.


  • Christopher Dessus – architect DE, manager

  • Agathe Prevot – communications manager

  • Fannie Tomas – development manager

  • Gaiane Legendre – interior architect

  • Katia Mendes De Castro – architect

Employees since 2017

  • Anaïs Pestalozzi

  • Alix Ruyant

  • Agathe Pollet

  • Alix Ruyant

  • Laurène Guilbault

  • Axel Simon

  • Charly Dufour

  • Claire Malot

  • Elisa Nef

  • Eloise Carrier

  • Fanny Bichet

  • Faustine Monceau

  • Laurène Guilbault

  • Laurie Da Costa Gonçalves

  • Louise Cancel

  • Marion Betous

  • Matteo Sanchez

  • Ninon Oudin

  • Quentin Cholley

  • Roméo Drege

  • Romain Joly

  • Romain Laurent

  • Sara Tantane

  • Simon Geringer

  • Théo Charasse

  • Zora Beyeler


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