Bienvenue Art

Exhibition / Public space
  • Description

    During Paris Design Week 2022, the workshop was invited by Bienvenue Design. In order to highlight the event at the Hôtel de la Louisiana, the workshop created an installation in the entrance hall. Aware of societal issues, a climate emergency and although scenography often applies to ephemeral creations, the workshop aims to increase its CSR commitments, in particular by reusing scenographic elements from previous projects. The device used in the reception hall for Bienvenue Design Paris was then recovered and stored then transformed to adapt to a new intervention: the COLLECTIBLE 2022 showroom.

  • Program


  • Status
  • Client

    Paris Design Week

  • Materials

    Tissus, lights

  • Date

    Septembre 2022

  • Team

    Paf atelier

  • Location

    La Louisiane, Paris VI

  • Photos

    Ligia Popławska

Bienvenue Art
Bienvenue Art
Bienvenue Art
Bienvenue Art
Bienvenue Art
Bienvenue Art
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